Katie from the United States

“The IQ program is an excellent way to get out into the world, see new things, and meet new people. These experiences will always be with you and you will meet people who will forever be part of your life.

Sarah from Australia

“This IQ program that I participated in was honestly the best experience of my life. The experience itself was amazing and I got the opportunity to make great friends for life and see a whole different country and experience another culture at a young age.

Madison – The Netherlands, Short Term Program

“IQ took time to learn about me so that they could find a perfect match for me during my time studying abroad. From the every beginning they answered all my questions and made my parents feel safe sending off to another country. This IQ placed me with an amazing host family (my host sister became like a real sister to … Read More

Ignacio from Spain

“At the beginning of my first year I was a bit scared about the new school in a foreign country but my school welcomed me like they do with anyone no matter where they come from. People were extremely nice and eager to know about you and befriend you. Also I had some doubts about picking up the books or … Read More

Luisa – A foreign exchange student from Brazil

I live in Ontario, Wisconsin with the Finley family and go to Brookwood High School. When I was 12 I decided I wanted to travel the world, meeting people, knowing about a different culture, learning new languages… Doing this High School program was what I always wanted and being in here has been a dream. It has been an incredible … Read More

Fred Weiler – ICES host dad, Oregon

The Weiler family experience hosting a foreign exchange student Four kids, two in high school and two in grade school; a farm with around 75 animals, not counting the dog and two cats; all the goings on of daily life with a couple of parents who work full time. If that’s not enough chaos, we have recently relocated from Alaska … Read More

Rebeka – ICES exchange student from Slovakia

Hey, my name is Rebeka and I am an exchange student, living in Brandon, Mississippi. I am from a small town in Slovakia, where my whole family lives and where I have the best friends I could ever wish for! When I heard about the opportunity to write an article about me being in USA, I didn’t hesitate for a minute! I am having really good time in America … Read More

Julia from the United States

“It will be so great to get to go back home and know something a little more about a different country. Being able to speak another language is such a great advantage. And it’s also great to know more about other cultures, instead of just reading about the country in a geography book. I’m really glad I decided to study … Read More

Guillem – ICES student from Spain

I remember the beginning of this experience as a normal day of school in my town of Sant Cugat, Barcelona. I arrived home, to find my parents sitting in front the computer, this is not normal. As I proceeded to greet them, they told me that they had something important to tell me…I had a new family! A family that … Read More

Yung Seo Choi – Student, South Korea

“Studying abroad was one of the biggest experiences in my life and I have changed a lot through studying abroad. Not only learning a foreign language but it was also a good chance to learn different cultures. I had some prejudice about other countries but living from America helped me to get along with people from different countries. I know … Read More